InterCare Clinical Explorer (ICE™), is the latest product developed by InterCare DX, Inc., an innovative software application designed to integrate virtually all aspects of the Healthcare Enterprise.

ICE™'s extensive, scalable system flexibility allows its adaptation to clinical workflow, operating independently in centralized and decentralized facilities. The program features intuitive order entry, "tapering" orders, a clinical knowledge base, digital video enhanced patient education module, real-time electro-physiological data capture and display, voice command, voice recognition, digital dictation module and numerous other capabilities to complement and document the diagnostic and treatment processes, including unlimited free-text notes.

InterCare has also transitioned the ICE™ software solution into an Internet web-browser enabled application. This will facilitate access to the ICE™ data repository. ICE™ Internet capabilities will facilitate the proactive participation of the consumer in the entire care delivery process. As such, InterCare will have ICE™ positioned to become a significant player in the growing market of Internet-based, e-healthcare community solutions. This will significantly expand the scope of available healthcare solutions