Telemedicine & Telehealth Sensors
InterCare Vascular Diagnostics Center
  1. Customised Tablet PC or Smartphone,
  2. Electronic Spirometry
  3. Electronic Scale with Body Composition Analyzer,BMI calculation, Lean Body Mass and Bone Mass Measurements
  4. Electronic Pulse Oximetry
  5. Electronic Blood Pressure Measurement
  6. Electronic Thermometer
  7. Electronic Glucometer with Strips
  8. Wireless/Wired Interpretative ECG Module
  9. InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center
  10. Electronic Stethoscope
  11. Fetal Monitor
  12. Electronic Physical Activity Monitor
  13. Biometric Authenticated USB Hard Drive
  14. TeleMedicine App
  15. Other Portable Telemedicine Device available in the market and compatible with
    ICE™ software that will be made available from time to time by InterCare DX, Inc.