The Company provides both ASP Version of InterCare Clinical Explorer and other data management and analysis for the prospective customers such as:

a) Perform an unparalleled breadth and depth analysis of quality healthcare services data, and provide meaningful insight into safety, efficacy, effectiveness, compliance, and clinical pathways, as well as the economic and patient-reported impact of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, and devices on real-world health outcomes, in light of the constant budgetary constraints that will impact this patient population.

b) Develop a relationship with most healthcare institutions and other stake holders in facilitating transparency in healthcare delivery system.

C) Implement a system wide Telemedicine, Telecare, Electronic Health Record and Patient/Provider registry to track and provide feedback regarding healthcare disparities and access, as well as utilization of healthcare resources.

d) Offer a broad spectrum of health outcomes research ranging from traditional claims-based analyses (retrospective) to the definitive outcomes research design (prospective), that grows as the network expands.

e) Coordinates the compilation of claims-based data from Healthcare providers and ensures data quality, security, and confidentiality. All claims data are converted into a standardized format to provide consistency across provider and or Health plans.

Here are just some of the types of studies we can design and Implement within the scope of the aggregate data collected.

a) Benchmarking

b) Compliance and persistence with therapy assessment

C) Comparative effectiveness analysis

d) Economic evaluation:

........I) Cost-efficacy

........ii) Cost-benefit

.......iii) Cost of Illness/Disease

e) Epidemiologic studies

f) Feasibility assessment for prospective outcomes trials

g) Integration of data from clinical trials with claims data in prospective design research

h) Intervention impact assessment

I) Market potential assessment

j) Data Modeling:

........I) Disease

.......ii) Markov

......iii) Clinical Trial

..... iv) Field-ready intervention

k) Patient-reported outcomes

......i) Health-related quality of life

.....ii) Satisfaction with therapy

....iii) Adverse events and symptom severity

....iv) Nonprescriptin drug use

....v) Health behaviors

l) Retrospective administrative (claims) databse analysis

m) Risk management and product safety surveillance

n) Treatment prevalence and incidence analysis

o) Treatment pattern analysis