Current cardiovascular research has confirmed that heart attack, stroke, and most forms of peripheral vascular disease are caused by abnormalities in the arterial wall. Vasogram is a new technology that has been developed that allows physicians to assess the status of the arterial wall. The test is rapid and painless and can be performed with no risk to the patient in a physician's office. In addition, the cost of the testing is competitive with other noninvasive cardiovascular tests.

For the first time, physicians will know how their patient's arteries compare to healthy subjects of the same gender and age. Further, they will know how their patient's arteries compare to subjects with known peripheral and coronary arterial disease, which is the direct cause of over one million deaths annually, generating over $100 billion direct and $180 billion indirect treatment costs annually.

The Vasogram technology will be most helpful in identifying subjects at risk. With this identification treatment will start early and outcomes will improve. Finally, this testing will target subjects who will benefit from more expensive and perhaps invasive testing.

Initial estimates for procedures involving Vasogram technology and total market opportunity, as estimated by McKinsey & Company, is between $300 million and $500 million of a total $1.4 billion market potential.

Potential users of the Vasogram Technology include primary care physicians, cardiologists, vascular specialists, clinics, and hospitals.